2 Horse Truck
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Equi Trek Victory Extras

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Deluxe Cab Pack included as Standard:

Air Conditioning in Cab
Standard Inclusion



Passenger Airbag
Standard Inclusion

Front Fog Lights
Standard Inclusion

Cruise Control
Standard Inclusion

Alloy Wheels
Standard Inclusion


Standard Inclusion


Cab & Chassis Options

Leather Cab Seats
Weight: 30 kg

Available to match the leather interior upholstery. Choice of black, brown, cream or grey.


Colour coded bumper & mirrors
Weight: 5 kg

Cab bumper and mirrors to match the colour of your horsebox


Metallic Paint
Weight: 30 kg


Solar Charger
Weight: 2 kg

A worthwhile addition to Peugeot vehicles in order to maintain the longevity of the battery.

Automatic Transmission
Weight: 25 kg


Weight: 40 kg


Living Area

Water Heater
Weight: 10 kg

Gas powered water heater to provide instantaneous Hot water (electric water supply and leisure battery required)


Gas Stove
Weight: 5 kg

2 Burner Gas stove with glass lid with Bottle and Regulator.


Electric Flushing Toilet
Weight: 10 kg

With convenient waste cassette for easy disposal (electric water supply required)


Air Conditioning in Living Area
Weight: 33 kg

Air conditioning unit to keep the living area cool (240 Volt Hook Up required)

Fold Down Sink
Weight: 10 kg

Compact over toilet folding sink, with mixer tap and vanity unit


Shower Unit
Weight: 35 kg

Compact shower system fitted in toilet area. Water Heater required.


Electric Fridge
Weight: 20 kg

Operates from 12v or 240v electricity. 60 Litre capacity with freezer compartment (12 volt socket or 240 volt hook up required)


Weight: 13 kg

Stainless steel 20 litre oven capacity, 800 watt power, ideal for quick food preparation (240 volt hook up required)

Convection Microwave
Weight: 15 kg

(240 volt hook up required)


TV & DVD Player
Weight: 9 kg

Compact and lightweight design Digital TV channels, Has
built in DVD, CD, MP3 DIVX player. Includes Digital TV Antenna.


240 Volt Hook Up
Weight: 5 kg

Connects to mains electricity where available


12 Volt Socket
Weight: 0.5 kg

For powering or charging 12v accessories such as a moblie phones etc.


High Gloss Interior
Weight: 15 kg

Contemporary high gloss interior, with a choice of colours


Standard Inclusion


Fire Extinguisher
Weight: 2.2 kg

Dry powdered fire extinguisher for emergencies, including fixing bracket.


Fire Blanket
Weight: 0.5 kg

All our fire blankets are made to British Standard specification

First Aid Kit
Weight: 0.6 kg

Contains a range of dressings for basic medical emergencies



Mat (each)
Weight: 1 kg

Easy Clean Entry Mat.

Leather Upholstery
Weight: 2 kg

High quality hard wearing luxurious leather upholstery alternative to standard fabric in seating area, available in black, brown, cream and grey.


Horse Area

  • Additional Skylight
    Roof Vent
    Weight: 2 kg

    Multi-directional opening skylight for increased ventilation.


    Electric Roof
    Extractor Fan
    Weight: 4.8 kg

    Extracts up to 350 cubic meters of air per hour even if stationary


    Flush Glazed Windows
    Weight: 12 kg

    Flush glazed windows to enhance the appearance of your horsebox

    Black Framed Windows
    Standard Inclusion

    Opening black framed windows


    Flettner 2000 Roof Ventilator
    Weight: 3 kg

    Offers cost effective wind powered ventilation providing a more comfortable environment for your horse by removing excess heat, damp and stale air from the horse area.


    Anti-Weaving Grills
    Weight: 20 kg


    Breast Bar
    Solid to Floor
    Weight: 29 kg

    Full depth solid breast bar, ideal for enclosing a mare and foal or small ponies. Weight 29kg. (please note, specification may very depending on the type of trailer/horsebox)


    Full Depth Partition
    Weight: 16 kg

    Solid partition to floor alternative to standard partition.

    Padded Partition
    Weight: 4.5 kg

    Padding on both sides of partition for extra comfort.


    Higher Safety
    Loading Doors
    Weight: 10 kg


    Rear safety loading doors with increased height to 6ft as alternative to standard.


    Extra Height Partition Weight: 9.2 kg

    Extra 9" high partition ideal for larger horses. Alternative to standard partition.


    Padded Walls
    Weight: 6.2 kg

    Horse comfort pack to side walls partition and rear walls.

    Horse Shower
    Weight: 3 kg


    External accessible hose pipe connected to electric water
    supply, shower head included.


    Sulky Brackets
    Weight: 10 kg

    Fitted to rear of the trailer for carrying sulky


    Longstall Partition
    Weight:35 kg


    Head Divider
    Weight: 2.5 kg

    Moulded swivelling head divider to separate horses heads.

    Collapsible Full Depth Breast Bar
    Weight: 25 kg

    7mm thick heavy duty clear PVC breast bar infill which has been designed to create a breast bar to floor barrier, but in the event of an emergency will still allow the full operation of the collapsible breast bar.


    Lined Roof
    Weight: 20 kg

    Insulated double lined roof in horse area


    Extra Tie Rings
    Weight: 0.2 kg
    $25 each

    Can be positioned in most places on the trailer for ease of use


    Weight: 25 kg

    Cassette wind out awning for shade and shelter, 2.5m

    Hinged Door over Pod
    Weight: 12 kg

    Lockable door over the pod for safe storage


    Netting over Pod
    Weight: 1 kg

    Netting over the pod for easily accessible storage


    Grooms Locker
    Weight: 40 kg

    Offering extra storage accessible through an external locking door, fitted with a shelf and a light.


    Tack Locker
    Standard Inclusion

    Offering extra storage accessible through an external locking door, fitted with light, two saddle and two bridle racks.

    Side Protectors
    Weight: 6 kg


    Temperature Monitor
    Weight: 5 kg


    Digital Camera with 7inch Monitor
    Weight: 3 kg

    Wireless and waterproof camera for horse area with day and night vision. Images are displayed on a 7" dashboard mounted colour monitor powered by 12v socket in towing vehicle (adapter included)


    Digital Reversing Camera
    Weight: 3 kg

    Waterproof camera giving clear views at the back of the trailer whilst reversing. Only available as an addition to camera 7" monitor

    Loading Light
    Weight: 3 kg


    Click Here to download PDF Extras Sheet