Multi Treka
Carries 3 Horses

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Equi-Trek Multi Treka Extras

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Large Front Window
Standard Inclusion

Attractive double glazed opening front window for superior light and ventilation in the tack/living area.

Living area curtains including front and side windows.

Living Door Window
Standard Inclusion

An opening window for extra light and ventilation in the living area.

Living area curtains including front and side windows.

Fitted Curtains
Standard Inclusion

Living area curtains including front and side windows.


Gas Stove $1,200

2 Burner Gas stove with glass lid with 3.7kg Bottle and Regulator.

Microwave $426

Benchtop mounted, 240 volt hookup required.


Electric Water Supply
Standard Inclusion

Comprises 70 litre under floor water tank with lockable external filler cap. Provides running water to the living area (leisure battery required).

Water Heater

Gas powered water heater to provide instantaneous Hot water (electric water supply and leisure battery required)


Leisure Battery
Standard Inclusion

Provides independent power for interior of trailer for lights etc recharges whilst being towed, includes high capacity battery, all wiring and extra seven pin connection to towing vehicle.

Electric Flushing Toilet

With convenient waste cassette for easy disposal (electric water supply required


Porta Potti $123

Portable self-contained toilet. 15 litre fresh water, 12 litre waste.


Fold Down Sink

Compact over toilet folding sink, with mixer tap and vanity unit


Electric Fridge

Operates from 12v or 240v electricity. 60 Litre capacity with freezer compartment (12 volt socket or 240 volt hook up required)

Kitchen Unit
Standard Inclusion


Fold Down Table
Standard Inclusion

Table folds away neatly when not in use to maximise space.


Seating Bunks
Standard Inclusion

Seating for four which converts into bunks for two.


Standard Inclusion

Acrylic mirror, fixed to grooms door.

240 Volt Hook Up

Connects to mains electricity where available also includes Battery Charger for Leisure Battery.


12 Volt Socket

For powering or charging 12v accessories such as a moblie phones etc.


Mat $59

Easy Clean Entry Mat.



Leather Upholstery

High quality hard wearing luxurious leather upholstery alternative to standard fabric in seating area, available in black, brown, cream and grey.

Fire Blanket $47

All our fire blankets are made to British Standard specification

First Aid Kit $47

Contains a range of dressings for basic medical emergencies


Fire Extinguisher

Dry powdered fire extinguisher for emergencies, including fixing bracket.


Awning $1,750

Cassette wind out awning for shade and shelter, 2.5m

Extra Vent Window
Standard Inclusion

An opening window for extra light and ventilation in the horse area


Tinted Windows

Dark tinted windows for added exterior style (black framed windows required)


Black Framed Windows

Opening black framed windows


Flettner 2000 Roof Ventilator $332

(each) Offers cost effective wind powered ventilation providing a more comfortable environment
for your horse by removing excess heat, damp & stale air from the horse area.

Additional Skylight Roof Vent $190

Multi-directional opening skylight for increased ventilation.


Electric Roof Extractor Fan $426

Extracts up to 350 cubic meters of air per hour even if stationary


Storage Rack $118

(each) Useful extra storage for rugs, boots etc... can be fitted in either the horse area or tack/living area.


White GRP Safety Loading Doors
Standard Inclusion

White easy clean ramp safety doors.

Padded Walls

Horse comfort pack to side walls partition and rear walls.


Padded Partition
Standard Inclusion

Padding on both sides of partition for extra comfort.


Extra Height Partition $332

Extra 9" high partition ideal for larger horses. Alternative to standard partition.


Higher Safety Loading Doors $296

Rear safety loading doors with increased height to 6ft as alternative to standard.

Loading Light $225

Shining onto the ramp for easier loading.


Horse Shower $201

External accessible hose pipe connected to electric water
supply, shower head included.


Lined Roof $959

Insulated double lined roof in horse area

Full Depth Partition

Solid partition to floor alternative to standard partition.

Extra Tie Rings $24

Can be positioned in most places on the trailer for ease of use


Digital Camera with 7inch Monitor $616

Wireless and waterproof camera for horse area with day and night vision. Images are displayed on a 7" dashboard mounted colour monitor powered by 12v socket in towing vehicle (adapter included)


Digital Reversing Camera $296

Waterproof camera giving clear views at the back of the trailer whilst reversing. Only available as an addition to camera 7" monitor.


Metallic Paint
From $3,672

Metallic paint in a colour of your choice to match the towing vehicle. Enquire for a quotation.

Wheel Clamp $235

Equi-Trek's own wheel clamp especially designed to fot all Equi-Trek trailers. Secure and easy to fit.


Cover $829

Water resistance cover to protect trailer.


Hitch Cover $36

Water resistant cover to protect hitch and lock.


Sulky Brackets $272

Fitted to rear of the trailer for carrying sulky

Click Here to download PDF Extras Sheet